Good evening guys. I hope that everyone survived the heat of the bank holiday weekend! 🌻 This is the second post as part of the Relationship 101 series on my blog and another subject I saw that you wanted to read and talk about. Cohabiting.

In the ‘olden days’ relationships used to pan out in the following order. You started dating, got engaged, got married and you then moved in together. It seems that in our modern day society this has done a complete 180. But why?

Nowadays we all like to ‘try before we buy’. Moving in with each other seems to naturally be the next step in a relationship. Couples are choosing to cohabit before making that commitment of marriage but does that increase the longevity in their relationship and make them more resistant to the idea of breaking up?

The cost of living can of course be easier when cohabiting with someone sharing rent, mortgage repayments, bills, food etc. It can also test how compatible you really are before making the commitment of marriage to one another. But does it actually mean that you will stay together longer? Of course there are happy endings for millions of couples who choose to cohabit before getting married. However, it is my opinion that sometimes some individuals are less committed to the idea of marriage if already cohabiting and perhaps the idea of changing anything in the current situation doesn’t seem necessary…

Building up strong foundations in a relationship is the key to being in a happy and successful relationship, regardless of whether you decide to live together before getting married or wait until afterwards. Without those foundations it would be pretty crazy to make either decision.

As someone who lived with a partner for six years, who then got engaged and who then went through a broken engagement, I have to say I have seriously been considering the idea of waiting for a commitment before moving in with someone again. I am 28 years old, I live with my parents and I have been dating somebody for 5 months now. My partner and I spend extended time together at his place on a weekly basis but we also still miss one another and I am really enjoying that right now.

I am not an expert but I do believe that there is still a place for living apart and young people should not see it as an old fashioned tradition.  💖

2 thoughts on “Cohabiting

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Me and Dan we’re engaged before we lived together and I didn’t worry that we didn’t know what it was like to live together – just took a big leap of faith 🤣❤️ Great post lovely xx


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