Spicing Up Your Love Life

Good evening guys. I hope everyone had a good Monday! It was my first day back but no kids yet so I still have another day to prepare for that 🤪

Back to the Relationship 101 series and this topic was one I saw came up a couple of times. Spicing Up Your Love Life. Because my mum reads these (hey Mum!) I can’t promise you anything but PC but I will see what I can do…

So how do you keep it exciting in a relationship? A question that is asked over and over and over again by men and women in long term relationships. The answer…find what works for you both and find the time to work on the two of you.

Date nights. A really lovely way to relax, have fun and to spend quality time together. Whether it’s at a fancy restaurant or to the cinema followed by a cheeky Nandoes, time out of your normal routine together can keep things exciting and takes you away from the daily routine.

New hobbies. Trying a new sport or learning a new skill together can help to build up your relationship in many different ways. Pushing yourself and your partner out of your comfort zones is exciting! Why not have those discussions together and do something you would never have done before?

The ‘small things’. So many of the ‘small things’ can be overlooked on a day-to-day basis when life gets in the way. Going that extra mile and taking the time and effort to appreciate your other half can really make their day. A note, a bunch of flowers, a text. The ‘small things’ go a long way.

The bedroom. For this I will use one of my favourite Sex and the City quotes that references ‘colouring’. Colouring inside the lines can be lovely. It is pleasing to the eye and you feel comfortable and happy finishing the picture neatly. However, sometimes staying inside the lines can limit creativity and be, well…a bit boring. What about scribbling and doodling? Why not take some time to explore. Could you colour somewhere else? What colours could you use that you’ve haven’t tried before?

I can’t claim that doing all of the above would work for everyone who is looking to spice up their love life, but they might help. Have fun 💕

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