Modern Day Long Distance

Good evening guys. I hope everyone is enjoying this slightly warmer weather more than I am. I was ready for the big knits, boots and jeans…

Continuing the Relationship 101 series, this blog post is about the modern day long distance relationship – if, how, why and how long we can really do it for.

What is the definition of a long distance relationship? Is it when you live in two different countries on two different time schedules? Or is it when you are both living in the same country, but at opposite ends? Could it be you are within half an hour of each other but you only see each other at weekends? To be perfectly honest, I am not convinced there is a specific definition for the term ‘long distance’. What I am convinced of is that if you are really into someone you can make it work regardless.

I have had experience of being in a long distance relationship before with my ex fiancée. He decided to move to Munich and I stayed in the UK for two years. We saw each other every couple of months and in hindsight I was far too OK with that. With my current boyfriend I only see him at weekends and we live half an hour from each other. Not quite ‘long distance’ but it’s enough time away from him for me to miss him so so much each and every day I am not with him – the complete opposite to how I felt for two years.

So how can you make long distance easier? Technology nowadays is amazing! Video calling is the best thing ever. Sometimes just a five minute video chat a day can make all the difference. When you have more time, watching something together on video chat can be quite fun and even just pottering about whilst on the call can make those times apart fly by quicker. When there are big time differences it can be a lot more tricky but being super organised is key and having each others schedules at hand can make it more manageable. Communicating to one another about how you are feeling is also extremely important when apart for long periods of time. In my experience, without that communication the smallest things can be completely blown out of proportion if not talked about.

So why do we choose long distance? Do we even choose that type of relationship or do we do whatever is necessary to be with the one we love? For me, I know that my situation is temporary and that taking my time with one another in a new relationship, be it in a long distance one or not, is very important. As cheesy as it may sound, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It might be tough. It might difficult. But love will win if it is meant to. X


One thought on “Modern Day Long Distance

  1. I do believe in long distance relationship.
    Just both parties shall be on the same page.. And shall see the light at the end of the tunnel…
    In short, he also shall see us while thinking of future..


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