Lily Blanche

Hold the phone, drop everything and check out the beautiful Lily Blanche brand!

I am delighted to write this blog post in collaboration with Lily Blanche and I am so excited to share this beautiful company.

The Story of Lily Blanche

Lily Blanche believe that creating memories is more valuable than diamonds. They design collections to cherish and pieces that will mark special occasions for loved ones. Gillian Crawford, the founder of this beautiful brand (who is also one of the kindest and most lovely women I have had the pleasure of working alongside) has taken inspiration from her grandmother Lily Blanche Sheridan who lived an incredible life travelling thousands of miles with four young children living in India in the last days of the Raj witnessing the rise of Gandhi. Gillian’s grandmother is at the heart of the gorgeous brand with her wonderful and exotic pieces, which provided a lot of inspiration for the designs Lily Blanche has to offer.



Can we please just stop to appreciate how beautiful this packaging is? It is absolutely stunning and really is quite luxurious. The black ribbon-tied gift box, the collection look book and the gorgeous branding are just a treat.

20191122_170427The Pieces

The Lily Blanche Key Collection is described as one of their most romantic collections. I can certainly see why! The intricate design with the small gold key is just so unusual (left piece in the box). The locket opens to take two pictures or a keepsake which is such a lovely personal touch. The locket heart is made of sterling silver and the key is made of 18 carat gold vermeil on sterling silver.

Link to the locket:

The second piece, which is perfect for layering, is the gold key pendant (right piece in the box). Link to the pendant:


I am excited to announce that I am doing a giveaway of a gold key pendant as linked above – just in time for the festive period. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or give the gift of Lily Blanche to a loved one, for entry details please go to the post on my Instagram.

Thank you so much to Lily Blanche for allowing me to work closely with you on this collaboration. I have been truly inspired by your pieces and I can’t wait to wear them! 💕



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