Supermarket Jumpers

Good evening everyone! I can’t believe it is December already. Where has the time gone? It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post in collaboration with Lily Blanche so I thought I would write about my absolute favourite thing about colder months…jumpers!

This year the supermarkets have absolutely killed it when it comes to knitwear. I have been to the high street and looked online but in my opinion, nothing has beaten Florence and Fred at Tesco and TU at Sainsburys.

I have linked most of the jumpers below but unfortunately I can’t find the links for the Florence and Fred jumpers.

Tu at Sainsburys

This chunky cable knit jumper is in a gorgeous pale cornflower blue. It comes in at £20 and is extremely washable and wearable for any occasion. I have paired it with jeans and heels and also with midi skirts and flat boots. Link below:

This jumper is one of my favourites for this season! I am in love with this moss green colour and it looks so lovely with dark jeans and brown boots. It is a bit thinner than the cornflower blue one above but I love the delicate nature of it. It is part of the Premium range and comes in at £28. Link below:

I love an eyelash jumper! So clearly, I bought three. These jumpers are just so versatile and are perfect for just throwing on with a pair of jeans at the weekend. I also wear these with leather skirts and for layering over dresses. I have linked below the red mix and the mustard yellow jumpers. I also have it in a black with different coloured specks. These jumpers come in at £20 each. Links below:

My final jumper this season from Tu at Sainsburys is this Fair Isle Yoke pattern knit. It is dark navy with a really cute pattern around the neck line. The arms are a bit more bat sleeve than the other jumpers which I didn’t realise at first, but it makes it even more cosy. I really love a Fair Isle knit as it makes me feel so festive. 🎅 Link below:

Florence and Fred at Tesco

Unfortunately I can’t link the jumpers below from Tesco as their website doesn’t seem to have an online shop anymore which is a shame.

The first jumper which can be seen in my IGTV Dermalogica skin care routine (link here: is a gorgeous baby blue roll neck with puff sleeves. I got this in the sale for £12! Originally it was £16 which is still an absolute bargain. I have had so many compliments when I have worn this and it is just so soft. It is still in store now – I went into my nearest store tonight and it was there.

Another jumper I purchased from Tesco was the one photographed in my latest Instagram feed. It is also a roll neck and is cream with baby blue, orange and pink flecks. Super soft again and it came in at £18.

I hope that if you have been on the lookout for new jumpers that this post has perhaps pointed you in the right direction. The supermarkets are amazing for affordable and transitional pieces – I couldn’t rate them more at the moment and honestly, their knitwear is to die for. ❤️


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