New Year Resolutions

The countdown to NYE and to another decade is on which means that for those of us who make new year resolutions, we need to start thinking!

For me, and probably a lot of others, I tend to do so well in January with regards to my resolutions. Then life gets in the way and in February – not so much. Sound familiar? So here’s why I am only making one resolution this year…

New Year Resolution 2020: Be genuinely happy

A biggy right? After a broken engagement, moving countries, starting a new job, finding a new love and doing a full 180 (thank you Dua Lipa for writing a song about my year), being happy is my number one priority. I could make lists for days about getting that bikini bod, changes I will make to my diet, to drink more water, to spend less money but actually can’t all of those things happen naturally with focusing on being happy?

2020 is also the last year of my 20s so it’s going to be a good one! And who is responsible for that? Me! ♥️

What are your New Year Resolutions?

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