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Let’s Talk Skincare at Christmas 🎄

I have written a couple of blog posts now about skincare and what my go-to products are but I am always on the look out for new ones that actually work! I have found some guys and just in time for Christmas. 1. Polaar Revitalizing Night Cream I was lucky enough to work alongside this… Continue reading Let’s Talk Skincare at Christmas 🎄

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High Street vs Online

It's no news that shopping habits of the British public have changed drastically over the years. Instead of shopping until we drop, we now can shop in the comfort of our own homes with our feet up on the sofa and order everything we need with one click of a button. But is the convenience… Continue reading High Street vs Online

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Last month I was lucky enough to join the Dermalogica family as a #skinfluencer. After using some of Dermalogica's products in my skin routine for a month now, I thought I would write a blog post about what I love about them, how I use them and how they have worked for me. I use… Continue reading Dermalogica

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Modern Day Long Distance

Good evening guys. I hope everyone is enjoying this slightly warmer weather more than I am. I was ready for the big knits, boots and jeans... Continuing the Relationship 101 series, this blog post is about the modern day long distance relationship - if, how, why and how long we can really do it for.… Continue reading Modern Day Long Distance

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Autumn 🍂

Autumn. The season for cosy jumpers, long walks in the changing leaves, scented candles and snuggly blankets. Potpourri bowls, one-pot recipes and cold, crisp mornings. Autumn is my favourite season. Here are some of my favourite things to do in the autumn months: Getting the jumpers out. I am definitely a lot more into autumn… Continue reading Autumn 🍂

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Spicing Up Your Love Life

Good evening guys. I hope everyone had a good Monday! It was my first day back but no kids yet so I still have another day to prepare for that 🤪 Back to the Relationship 101 series and this topic was one I saw came up a couple of times. Spicing Up Your Love Life.… Continue reading Spicing Up Your Love Life

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Good evening guys. I hope that everyone survived the heat of the bank holiday weekend! 🌻 This is the second post as part of the Relationship 101 series on my blog and another subject I saw that you wanted to read and talk about. Cohabiting. In the 'olden days' relationships used to pan out in the… Continue reading Cohabiting

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Sense of Self

Hello lovely people. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions on what you want to read on the Relationship 101 series. You guys have given me plenty of food for thought 💕 Let's kick off this string of blog posts with the first topic: How to maintain a sense of self in a relationship. New relationships… Continue reading Sense of Self

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The Relationship 101

I have had my fair share of relationships - some more successful and longer lasting than others I admit - but I have certainly learnt a lot of lessons along the way and picked up some 'tricks of the trade' so to speak. Naturally, that makes me a modern day Relationship Guru! Hehe. But seriously, I'm a… Continue reading The Relationship 101