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Sense of Self

Hello lovely people. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions on what you want to read on the Relationship 101 series. You guys have given me plenty of food for thought 💕 Let's kick off this string of blog posts with the first topic: How to maintain a sense of self in a relationship. New relationships… Continue reading Sense of Self

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What Is Love?

I have never been an advocate for or a believer in love at first sight. It is something I believe I have never experienced in the past. So let me ask you - what is love to you and how do you know when it's right? To me, love feels like home. It's knowing that… Continue reading What Is Love?

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Just Go With It…

Over the past week I have really enjoyed just being home. I feel happier than ever and I have accepted what happened with my ex and I can move on. Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. And that is OK. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people, seeing new… Continue reading Just Go With It…

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What Do Men Want?

In the film 'What Women Want', Mel Gibson discovers that he has this ability to be able to hear women's inner thoughts. Well wouldn't that be useful hey!? So, that is my question to you ladies - what do men want? The List We've all made a list at some point in our lives (or… Continue reading What Do Men Want?

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Little Things

People watching with a mug of coffee, snuggling up in front of an open fire, sunshine on a long walk or your favourite song on the radio. The little things in our lives can make the biggest difference. But do we enjoy the little things more with someone else? I am definitely a girl who… Continue reading Little Things

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Featured #2

Over the past few months I have connected with some of the most lovely people. People are so friendly, real and honest and it really does feel like a community. It is so nice to find out about other content creators and their stories. Here are this month's featured accounts. Name: Megan Age: Twenties Instagram… Continue reading Featured #2

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Lessons Learnt

In a relationship we try our absolute best to make the other happy through compromise, love and commitment. But what happens when your best isn't good enough? Whilst I have not had the best experience of a relationship recently, I am also not cynical about them. Every relationship you ever have is unique and different… Continue reading Lessons Learnt

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Home Again

I have only been back in the UK for less than a day and I've already had a Greggs, Branston pickle and a pork pie, chatted away to a nice old guy on the train and had a nice cup of English breakfast tea brewed perfectly. Priorities. I will be Marie Kondo'ing my life yet… Continue reading Home Again

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Soul Mates

Sometimes everything hits you all at once. You lose a relationship, leave a job, move country and have to say goodbye to people you've met that you love. Through all the ups and downs I can honestly say that living here has been the most amazing experience of my life. Turns out the way this… Continue reading Soul Mates

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Ready or Not?

With only a few more days until the big move back to the UK, it's been a bit of an emotional week so far. But sometimes your life has to be turned upside down in order to see it the right way up. In no way am I completely ready for any of the things… Continue reading Ready or Not?