The 411

Good morning everyone and a Happy New Year ♥️ I hope you all had a fabulous evening and enjoyed seeing in the new decade however you decided to.

I thought I would kick off the blog in 2020 by answering one of the most asked frequently asked questions of 2019. How can you be so alright after a broken engagement? So let’s get into it shall we.

My friends and family will forever be the only ones who truly know the ins and outs but to be quite honest, the answer is that it was already broken before I was dumped. I just couldn’t see it. Therefore I decided to put together a little 411 of how to pick yourself up after a break up.

1. If you can, take an admin day. I had a wedding to cancel, a different country to move to and hundreds of photos to delete. Whilst I don’t regret anything about my past relationship because it made me who I am today, I also don’t regret deleting everything on social media.

2. Write about it. Keep a diary or a journal. I decided to blog about my story because I knew that writing everything down would help me. If I hadn’t have done that, I know I would have been in a very different place. It’s so therapeutic and such a release.

3. Listen guys. Get back out there! Whilst the world you have known for years has come crashing down, it keeps on spinning. Personally, in hindsight, there were a lot of issues in my relationship before the engagement ended which therefore made it easier for me to move on and again, in hindsight, I should have been the one to have ended it. Everyone’s situations are different so only get back out there when you are really ready to. Make sure you aren’t just trying to fill an ex shaped hole. That will only end in tears.

4. Finally, have fun! Ok, your relationship has come to an end but your life hasn’t. Wallow for a few days, cry, be angry, play the saddest songs followed by the empowering ones and then peel yourself off the floor. Spend time with friends, get a new hobby and enjoy being you again.


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